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Mitsubishi Colt News

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart
...The Ralliart Colt is a car that we’ve been long waiting for. We loved the Daihatsu Charade turbo and bemoaned the missing GTTi. The fast Familia and the incredible Kei class Japanese were more cars we never saw in decent numbers. But now we have just such a pocket rocket – and if it costs a bit...

Test-driving the Mitsubishi Colt CZC
...There's now a good number of cars vying for the attention of two-seater drivers of today. Some, like the Mazda MX-5, are quite expensive, but there are others that run out much cheaper. Among these is the Mitsubishi Colt CZC (pictured), a curious car based on a diminutive city runabout which, in...

New Mitsubishi Colt cabriolet -a stylish entrant to the B segment
New Mitsubishi Colt cabriolet -a stylish entrant to the B segment
...Mitsubishi’s innovative and stylish new Colt CZC Mitsubishi’s innovative and stylish new Colt CZC has just gone on sale here this week. It is the third and final model in the award-winning Colt family and spearheads the company’s first entry into the small but rapidly growing B-segment...

Mitsubishi Colt CZC
...Now, about this business of coupé-convertibles. Quite a number of manufacturers have devised medium-sized cars of this type which look rather attractive. Fewer have managed the same trick when the donor model is a small hatchback. The Peugeot 206 CC is rather pretty. The Nissan Micra C+C looks like...

Strikes jepordise future of Mitsubishi Colt plant
...The current Colt is Mitsubishi's best-selling car in Europe. 79,000 of the Mitsubishi supermini range were sold in Europe in 2005, the first full year of 3-door alongside 5-door production. Now workers at Mitsubishi's Nedcar unit in Holland are to have two one-day strikes this week following on a...

Mitsubishi confirms Colt will stay in production
...Following the announcement earlier this week that Smart is to discontinue its Forfour supermini, Mitsubishi has confirmed that the Colt, sister model to the Forfour, will remain in production at the factory which has been producing both models. Mitsubishi is now in negotiations with DaimlerChrysler...

Mitsubishi to Unveil a More Coltish Colt, the CZC Convertible
...AMSTERDAM — Mitsubishi Motors will use the Geneva Motor Show to unveil the latest member of its Colt subcompact family, the CZC convertible, produced in conjunction with Pininfarina. Europeans have loved retractable hardtop convertibles for several years. Usually the category has been made up of...

Mitsubishi Colt 1.1
...The presence of Mitsubishi locally had been quite sporadic. We have seen a number of models like the Lancer and some of the old Colts, arriving here in large numbers and selling very well. You still hear stories of people buying Lancers for Lm3600 and selling them, after six or seven years of...

Mitsubishi Colt News
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