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New Mitsubishi Colt cabriolet -a stylish entrant to the B segment

Mitsubishi Colt
Mitsubishi’s innovative and stylish new Colt CZC

Mitsubishi’s innovative and stylish new Colt CZC has just gone on sale here this week. It is the third and final model in the award-winning Colt family and spearheads the company’s first entry into the small but rapidly growing B-segment cabriolet sector.

Developed and assembled in conjunction with Pininfarina in Italy, the Colt CZC will enter a growing Irish segment that is projected to finish the year at 600 sales.

The Colt cabriolet goes on sale this month with three models in the line-up, starting with the 1.5L CZC Invite and going up to the stunning 1.5L CZC Turbo. Prices for the Colt CZC range start at ?25,499 excluding dealer delivery and related charges.

Like the rest of the Colt line-up, the CZC cabriolet sits on an extended 2500mm wheelbase, and its generous proportions (3875mm length, 1695mm width, height 1453mm), complemented by broad 1460mm front and 1445mm rear tracks, result in spacious accommodation for passengers.

Compared to the Peugeot 206CC, the Colt CZC has an 80mm higher roofline and 30mm greater head clearance to aid access and reduce in-cabin turbulence, 80mm more front knee room, 35mm additional elbow room, and 20mm more rear leg room.

The new Colt CZC features an advanced and semi automatic two-piece steel retractable hard top, that at the touch of a switch, swiftly and silently stows away behind the rear seats, delivering all-season driving versatility. With the roof retracted, the Colt’s boot can swallow 190dm3 of luggage, which increases to a generous 460dm3 when the roof is in place.

Two of the three CZC models are fitted with Mitsubishi’s European-built 1499cc four-cylinder engine, which develops 109bhp at 6000rpm and 107lb ft of torque at 4000rpm. That’s enough power for the 1110kg Colt CZC to accelerate to 100kph in 10.5secs and onto a 185kph top speed. It returns 42.8mpg on the combined cycle and has a CO2 rating of 157g/km.

Fitted with an intercooled turbo-charger, the advanced 1468cc four-cylinder engine in the Colt CZC Turbo flagship is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors and features hollow camshafts, low-friction pistons, more robust engine mountings, and a performance enhancing cylinder block baffle plate.

The result is a class-leading 150bhp at 6000rpm and 155lb ft of torque at 3500rpm, enough to power the 1200kg Colt CZC Turbo to 100kph in 8.4seconds and onto a maximum speed of 205kph while still returning 39.8mpg on the combined cycle and a 168g/km CO2 rating.

These headline performance figures, which Mitsubishi claim will easily make the Colt CZC Turbo the fastest and most powerful turbocharged performer in its segment, underline Mitsubishi’s sporting heritage and dynamism.

The new Colt CZC’s ride and handling characteristics have also been honed to match its visual dynamism. Its MacPherson strut front and compact torsion beam rear suspension has been fettled with the same uprated springs, dampers and anti-roll bars fitted to the sportier three-door Colt hatch.

Passive passenger safety and a high level of crashworthiness were two key areas of focus throughout the Colt CZC’s development. Retaining the Colt’s high-strength steel chassis with engineered crumple and crash absorption zones and reinforced side members, the new Colt CZC’s reinforced side sills, doors, rear bulkhead and modified A-pillars provide such high levels of comprehensive roll-over security as to render unsightly rear roll-over bars unnecessary.

This high level of integral passive safety is bolstered by an extensive array of additional safety features. The Colt CZC is fitted with twin front and side airbags, and ABS anti-lock brakes with EBD electronic brake-force distribution function that modulates the front-rear braking pressure for ideal braking force at all times, irrespective of load or surface conditions.

These individual elements are controlled by RISE, Mitsubishi’s reinforced impact safety evolution that electronically integrates every aspect of Colt’s safety systems to ensure they operate at their full potential - an all-encompassing holistic safety pack for the driver and passengers in the unfortunate event of an accident.

The Colt CZC Turbo also benefits from M-ASTC, Mitsubishi’s active stability and traction control system, and no other rival in the B segment convertible sector comes with such a sophisticated and advanced safety feature fitted as standard.

M-ASTC incorporates both an ESP electronic stability programme and traction control. Using sensors from the anti-lock braking system, ESP automatically detects when the vehicle is starting to skid and applies the brakes and/or reduces the engine’s torque until control is regained. The traction control helps the driver make best use of the engine’s potential, even in low grip conditions.

Naturally, the roof folding mechanism is an integral part of the Colt CZC’s safety package – it will only operate when the car is stationary.

The Colt CZC range consists of four models, with prices starting from ?25,499 for the 1.5L CZC Invite and going up to ?28,899 for the range topping CZC Turbo. The Invite model is expected to account for 80 per cent of annual sales, which are anticipated to be 100 per annum.

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New Mitsubishi Colt cabriolet -a stylish entrant to the B segment
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